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Hi Guys, first off Thanks for looking in here. As times and trends have now changed so much it’s time for a few words. We both would really, really like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of our Customers dating back to December 1978 (yes, we started entertaining kids when we were very young a long time ago). We never imagined that this would add up to a full lifetime of business, – but it did.
We’d specifically like to Thank those who booked us in the early days as we were “feeling our way along” – and advertising in the long gone Stockport Advertiser and Macclesfield Community News. The Advertiser did a huge magnificent feature on us in 1980 and The Express a similar feature in 1988. We were trading from Heaton Norris, Stockport then.
The North Manchester Jewish Community took us to their hearts after we did an Agency booking in Sunnybank Synagogue, Bury. The Jewish Telegraph did endless photos of us at parties, and the balance between us and Magicians Keith Kay and Stanley and Eileen Woods was perfect as parents from King David’s School had endless parties with Entertainers. Not being Jewish ourselves we learned a lot about Jewish life and character, and the reported anti-Semitism of 2018 in the News upsets us deeply.
Then came the move to Wilmslow and business really boomed to 6 or 7 days a week. Yes, it’s hard to believe now isn’t it? But that’s the way it was with families coming back to us year after year all over East and South Cheshire. We also had a great couple of years advertising in Stoke on Trent Yellow Pages which when we worked separately Tony covered, – and Sue did the local Cheshire bookings.
We also had ex. big star Puppet man Ronnie Cryer and Agent Malcolm Murray to thank for touring Holiday Centre work, although like most work in this sector, what they wanted to pay us did not add up to what we could earn with private parties. In the mid 1990s we started working separately at weekends as Society changed with both parents working in families. Half a dozen years into the 21st Century we started working together again as it was pointless that many times one of us remained at home whilst the other was working. 
We now live comfortably up in the clear skies of Staffordshire Moorlands (Staffordshire Peak District) – our sons have grown up and we have grandchildren of our own. Our NETMUMS listings will show you what we are doing in the business now with up to date Photos as well . . . but don’t expect us to arrive on zimmer frames! Both of us are still capable of completing marathons!


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